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2019 Harvest

Cascade   Chinook    Nugget    Crystal

Pandemic Pile-Up Pricing

Chinook -  $7/lb 

Cascade -  $7/lb

  • Pelletized under 120 degrees

  • Nitrogen purged, vacuum sealed


  • Cascade - 11# 

  • Chinook - 11# 

  • Crystal - 11# 

  • Nugget - 11# 

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Sold Out!


 Chris  @  860-306-1195          Audrey  @  812-664-8597      

Order today!

Today, we’ve all experienced unparalleled hardship and uncertainty, and yet there is also unrivaled unity, hope, and community. We are grateful and proud to be part of this outstanding industry. In recent weeks, we’ve seen breweries offering lab equipment to aid in testing, the sharing of canning lines so that those without can offer to-go orders, and head brewers helping out on hop farms. 


         All of our hops are now 19% off until breweries are again fully open for business.  We want to help aid the craft beer industry as much as we can.  If you are in a position where you are still brewing and needing hops, we truly appreciate your support in these unique times.  


        Life does go on - the hop plants are growing with health and vigor. The irrigation is on and we will start stringing soon. The farm is on point to have a great 2020 season.  We look positively toward the future when craft beer filled with local Colorado hops is flowing freely!   More beer, Less virus!!


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