2019 Harvest

Cascade   Chinook    Nugget    Crystal


- 299 lbs : $11.36/lb


300 - 599 lbs : $10.36/lb


600 + : $9.36/lb

Discounts below!

  • Pelletized under 120 degrees

  • Nitrogen purged, vacuum sealed


  • Cascade - 11# and 22# bags

  • Chinook - 11# and 22# bags

  • Crystal - 11# bags

  • Nugget - 11# bags

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Payment, Storage, and Delivery

    We will hold hops for one year free of charge.  Once committed, your hops will be held in refrigeration and can be ordered and paid for in your desired quantities.  Purchaser pays shipping costs.  If you order set amounts of specific varieties, we'll guarantee you those.  If you just order an amount, we can't guarantee what varieties we'll have as time passes.   Get your orders in now!

10% Discount on annul supply orders if

you pay in full and receive in full!

Don’t actually use 600 lbs of these hops in a year??   

That’s ok!  We love small breweries too!  If you buy all of your hops - for the varieties that we offer - from us, and it’s less than 600 lbs, we will still give you the discounted pricing.  This program is on the honor system - you promise to exclusively use our hops for the varieties we offer,  supporting local agriculture - and we support you!

Credit Cards! 

We will now be accepting credit card on all orders for 2019 crop and beyond!  There will be a simple link included in your invoice.

 Don’t use a credit card?  Pricing drops to $9-$10-$11 / lb respectively ($0.36 off/ lb)!

Columbus     Magnum      Comet      Cashmere       

 Multihead      Neo-1     Willow Creek

      These babies did great this year despite the crazy Spring!  We had nearly 100% survival rate and the root stock is looking awesome.  Some delicious wet hop beers were made from them, but ultimately that's all the yield we got this season. Luckily, the beauty of farming is that we get to grow them again this season!  We're super positive for 2020!



"Our hops are the G.O.A.T."

(Greatest  Of  All  Time)