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From our bines to your barrels...

860-306-1195  or  812-664-8597

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We are the farmers who work their butts off to grow and produce an amazing product because we truly care about the end product - delicious beer. We grow hops you can be proud to put in your beer. We are the farmers that you want to tell your customers about... and your customers want to be a part of.

2019 Harvest....

     Our process...

     We have a Wolf 220 Picker and a four tiered louvered floor propane blaster dryer. We then bale the hops and keep them in cold storage until it's time to pelletize.  The hops are then ground, mixed, and sent through a low temperature pellet mill wherethey don't go above 120 degrees.  After pelletization, we continued to preserve their quality by nitrogen purging and vacuum sealing the pellets in mylar bags to ensure no oxygen remained in the package.  

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Chris & Audrey with their Wolf 220

     Billy Goat Hop Farm  is not your standard hop farm.  It is owned, constructed, and farmed by two people - Chris and Audrey.  The energy, enthusiasm, and love put into this farm is unlike any other.  We love great beer.  We love creating quality hops to make delicious beer.  We truly care - today and for decades to come. 

The Billy Goat Story...

     Billy Goat Hop Farm, LLC was established in the Spring of 2017, although the thought and planning started years earlier.  After much research, an internship with Jackson Hop Farm, and a five state road trip, we felt confident in fully committing to hops in Montrose, Colorado.  With much patience, we found the perfect parcel that over a decade ago was home to barley for America's beer industry... pretty sweet.

After much sweat and many beers, we now have 32 trellised acres with a state of art drip irrigation system and 11 varieties of beautiful hops.   There's also a full warehouse with a picker, dryer, baler, pelletizer, packager, and cold storage.  We've come a long way in three short years!

We have always loved mountain goats - they're strong, stoic, beautiful, and a little silly.  With their home just to the south of us in the San Juan Mountains, the name just fell into place. 

Learn more about the owners, farmers, construction workers, trellis builders, and beer enthusiasts, Chris and Audrey here.

San Juan Mountains
Montrose, Colorado
Billy Goat Logo

Visit Us

Corner of Highway 550 and Trout Road,

Montrose, CO


Contact Us

Chris - 860-306-1195   or   Audrey - 812-664-8597

P.O.Box 561   Montrose, CO   81402

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