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     Billy Goat Hop Farm is owned and operated by Chris DellaBianca and Audrey Gehlhausen.  Chris grew up in Connecticut where he earned his degree in Environmental Biology.   He then headed out west to follow his passion of plants and outdoors, working on golf courses and landscaping, river guiding in Alaska, pouring beer, and skiing in the Teton Mountains.

     Audrey grew up in southern Indiana and stayed there until graduating with a bachelor's in geology.  After which, she fell in love with showing and teaching about the outdoors through expedition.  As a professional guide, she worked on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Rogue River, and Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  She also guided cross-country ski trips through Yellowstone National Park, as well as instructing Wilderness Therapy in Utah.


     Chris and Audrey met on the Sublette chair lift at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in 2011.  After a few years of the seasonal life together, they decided it was time to put some roots down.  With a love for good beer and working outside, literally putting roots down seemed like a good fit.  Chris got an internship for a year at Jackson Hop Farm in Wilder, ID.  He got to work and learn about all aspects of growing, harvesting, and processing hops.  Then in the fall of 2016, the two set out for yet another road trip - this time with long-term purpose. They explored breweries, distributors, farms, and real estate across five states.  After much research, Montrose, Colorado was the definitive choice.


     We now are embarking on the greatest adventure of our lives - proud, excited, happy…. And a little nervous!

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Chris - 860-306-1195     or     Audrey - 812-664-8597

P.O.Box 561   Montrose, CO   81402

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"Our hops are the G.O.A.T."

(Greatest  Of  All  Time)