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Hop Contracts

With future unknowns ranging from inflation to climate change, don't let your beer or business get impacted by relying on the spot market for your must-have hops.  Sleep well knowing your hop varieties and volumes are at a set price and from a consistent crop ready when you are.
Hop Contract Request

Thanks for the interest!

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As Fresh As It Gets

As a small farm with control over every aspect, we are able to get hops straight off the bine, pelletized, and packaged in a matter of weeks. By Halloween you'll be brewing with a new crop that pops with a fresh brightness!

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It's All About The Relationship

Any questions about a variety, order, shipping, you name it, just call and you'll talk to us, the people who grew, processed, and shipped your hops. We want to create delicious beer just as much as you do. 

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The Bottomline

At the end of the day, money talks. Not only will you get a deal on your contracted hops, but any other hops you purchase that crop year will also be discounted.  Discounts start at only 300 lbs of any mix of varieties, and there's no upfront costs - only pay when you receive hops.

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Free Cold Storage

Let us take care of the storage.  We'll store your hops until August 1st of the following year for free.

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No Minimums

As a small business ourselves, we understand the need for no minimums. Whether it's 11 pounds or 11,000, we're here for you.

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