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The Billy Goat Hop Farm

The billy goat difference

We are the independent hop farmers who work our butts off to grow and produce amazing hops. We are genuinely passionate about the end product - delicious craft beer. On our 32-acre Southwest Colorado farm, we grow hops you can be proud to put in your beer. We make it our mission to be the farmers you want to tell your customers about... and to offer the farm-to-glass experience your customers want to be a part of.

stronger community

Billy Goat Hop Farm Crew

Billy Goat Hop Farm works with nearly a dozen other small businesses. When we support each other, we create a sense of belonging and purpose. Being part of the businesses, farms, and people around us brings a sense of unity and makes us part of something greater than ourselves. When communities come together, one person's weakness is another's strength. When we work together, we all become stronger and more successful.  Not to mention, you’re keeping your money and resources in a network that you’re actually a part of! 

It's the age-old adage: better ingredients make better products. As an independent, vertically integrated agricultural operation, we are able to harvest the hops off the bine, pelletize, and package them in a matter of weeks. This localized process creates a fresh, bright flavor that shines through to the finished brew. Our hops bring a sense of place to the beers brewed with them. From soil type, elevation, latitude, climate, and natural environment, Colorado imparts its own character to the hops, adding up to one simple thing: better beer.

better beer

Hops in Beer


Hops Background
Billy Goat Hop Farm Logo

Billy Goat Hop Farm is an independent, family-operated, female-owned farm. Businesses like ours are precisely the types of organizations that align with the values that your customers want to support, and they are things that all define us.  Market us, market that you chose to use hops that have values as well as value.  Let your customers know that when they drink your beer, they're supporting so much more than one craft brewery. Contact us today to host a "Meet your Farmer" night at the pub or brewery!

One of the main reasons we started a Colorado hop farm was our love of the craft brewing industry. The beer drew us in, but the people were what made us want to join. It's not just customer service but a relationship where we enjoy working together and turning problems into solutions. Good people working together to make even better beer. Questions? Contract issues? Special request? Just ask us, the people who grow, process, and ship your hops from our humble farm here in Western Colorado.


Billy Goat Hop Farm Owners

a greener tomorrow

Irrigation System

At Billy Goat Hop Farm, we’ve taken steps to ensure a greener tomorrow. 

  • Unlike most hop farms, we don’t dip our string in copper naphthenate, a crude oil-derived pesticide. 

  • Our state-of-the-art drip irrigation system minimizes water waste. We also fertigate through this system, ensuring that our positives go directly where we need them in the appropriate amount.

  • Because we maintain good soil health and work hands-on with each plant, we’re able to catch diseases and pests early. This requires us to use a fraction of the chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides than large-scale traditional farms.

  • Because we are centrally located, our carbon footprint for shipping is much lower than that from the PNW, especially within the Southwest.

  • Spent bines and by-products are composted for use by local gardeners, and we recycle.

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