Fresh hops

It doesn't get
any better than fresh hop season. Period.

Order yours today.

No one delivers from Bine to Barrel faster!

    We pick our fresh hops in the evening and drive them out in the cool of the night so they arrive fresh in the morning ready for your brew.  As little as 12 hours! 

    We hand-make burlap sacks for better breathability - never plastic!

    Splitting delivery costs will save you hundreds!  If your location requires overnight shipping instead of delivery, we offer discounts and we're half the distance from the PNW, providing faster and cheaper shipping

The fresher the hop, the fresher the beer.

The fresher the
beer, the happier the people!

- Teach folks about seasonal wet hop beers (and Agriculture!)
- Join your brewery community for an exciting fresh hop delivery.
- Support your local farming community.


- Cut your carbon footprint by more than half when you choose us as a more local source.
- Choose a small farm where environmental practices are paramount.

Make room in the brew schedule!

There's a
fresh brew in town!

0-199 lbs  -  $8/lb
200-499 lbs  -   $7/lb
500+ lbs  -  $6/lb










Multihead, add $2/lb

let's make this happen!

Coming September 2022!

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 4.52.27 PM.png

  the Southwest FRESH Fest!  

Get your recipe dialed this year!  The masses won't be so forgiving!  That's right, a festival dedicated to that incredible beer that's only available once a year.  And where better to host a FRESH Fest than at a hop yard!?  Billy Goat Hop Farm and sponsor RadCraft will be hosting this awesome event including a Pickin' Party with live music and local food!