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feelin' the love

 "I am really lucky to be working with such nice and attentive folks as you!"

"Just sampled the IPA that I dry hopped with your C hops. Amazing aroma!!!! Like slicing into a grapefruit.  I"ll be ordering more real soon!"


- Bob Haggerty, Head Brewer,

                                     Steel Bender Brewyard

Steel Bender Brewyard Logo
Sedona Beer Co Logo

Mac Crawford, Head Brewer, 

Sedona Beer Co.

We love working with Billy Goat for two reasons; first their values of craft, sustainability, and quality align with ours and they're refreshingly not an international mega-merchant. Second, they're helping bring terroir back to beer; unique varieties and some more staid varieties that have exciting depths that take them to the next level. These are, in fact, the hops you've been looking for.

"We've been using Billy Goat for 3 years. We love that we can get local, fresh hops with amazing flavor and aroma characteristics!"

Angry James Logo

   - A.J. Brinckerhoff,

Owner/Brewmaster, Anger James Brewing

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"Great quality local hops. Always a pleasure to work with!"

- Colan Simpson, Head Brewer,  Odd 13 Brewing

Wren House Logo

"Loaded up with a few hop varietals that really stood out to us this past year. The  main one being Cascade from @billygoathopfarm, in Montrose CO.  This Colorado grown Cascade features a ton of deep ruby red grapefruit, nice stuff!"


                             - @wrenhousebrewing

Sourcing local ingredients is something I am very passionate about, and it

Strong House Bre Pub Logo

makes it even easier when BGHF has a fantastic variety and quality of hops to select from. Working directly with them has been amazing and I cannot wait for fresh hop season!

- Sam Enders, Head Brewer,

Stonehouse Brewpub

Wild Blue Yonder Brewing Logo

"BEST Cascade in the game!"



   - Robert Connelly,

       Head Brewer

"I just used what [Chinook] I had in a west coast DIPA for one year anniversary, and I’m pumped about how it turned out. Good stuff." 

      - Michael Johnson, Head Brewer   

Brass Brewing Logo
WildEdge Brewing Logo

Tucker Robinson, Owner/Head Brewer, WildEdge Brewing

I love brewing with Billy Goat hops at WildEdge. We strive to incorporate Colorado ingredients into the brewery, and it’s wonderful working with Audrey and Chris to get their uniquely Colorado hops into our beers.

Little Toad Creek Logo

"We are thrilled to be able to get our hops from a local grower and have loved the product."

- Dave Crosley,

   Head Brewer/Owner,

Ice Box Brewing
Elevation Beer Co
Broken Compass Brewing
La Cumbre Brewing
Bent Barley Brewing
South Park Brewing
Road house Brewing
Flyte Co Brewing
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Old Ellsworth Brewing
Copper Club Brewing
Base Camp Beer Works
Glenwood Brewpub
Sidetrack Brewing
Horsefly Brewing
Soulcraft Brewing
Red door Brewing
Bone Hause Brewing
Colorado boy Brewery
Santa Fe Brewing Co

in the news

Denver post

August 23, 2021

The Denver Post talks with several farmers and brewers on the difficulties of small hop farms entering the market. 

News Article

June 1, 2020

Colorado Public Radio releases a special on the downfalls of Coronavirus Aid. 

News Article

March 19, 2021

The Summit Daily checks out two Colorado breweries supporting the arts with Curtain Up IPA. Billy Goat's hops are also featured.

News Article

March 9, 2020

Porch Drinking discusses hop terroir and farms around the country. 

News Article

March 3, 2021

Authority Magazine interview BGHF about sustainability and engaging the next generation with the environmental movement. 

News Article

November 1, 2019

The Colorado Sun looks at hop terroir when Comrade Brewing did a side-by-side brew. 

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Breckenridge Brewery
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