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We are the farmers who work their butts off to grow and produce amazing hops.  We truly care about the end product - delicious beer. We grow hops you can be proud to put in your beer. We are the farmers that you want to tell your customers about... and your customers want to be a part of.

stronger community

Billy Goat Hop Farm works with nearly a dozen other small businesses.  When we support each other, we create a sense of belonging, a purpose.  Being part of the businesses, farms, and people around us gives a sense of unity, as though we are part of something greater than ourselves. One person's weakness is another's strength. Working together, we all become stronger and more successful.

It's the age-old saying, better ingredients, makes better products. Our hops have incredible aromas and flavor. The pellets dissolve easily in your brew yet are full of oil.  There is also a uniqueness to them.  The hop terroir - the natural environment: soil type, elevation, latitude, climate - of Colorado imparts it's own character into the hops.  It all adds up to one simple thing, better beer.

better beer


Small, family owned, female owned farms and businesses, these are organizations that your customers want to support, and things that all define us.  Market us, market that you chose to use our hops.  Let them know that when they drink your beer, they're supporting so much more than one craft brewery.  Let's do a "Meet your Farmer" night at the pub!

  • Unlike most farms, our string is not dipped in copper naphthenater, a pesticide derived       from crude oil.

  • Our state of the art drip irrigation system is   very efficient, using only the water we         need.

  • We are able to fertigate through our irrigation system so that our positives go directly where need them in the appropriate amount.

  • Being intimate with all the plants every step of the way allows us to catch disease and pests early, using less chemical.

  • We're able to maintain good soil health and a healthy ecosystem, using a fraction of the herbacides and pesticides as the large scale farms.

  • Spent bines and by-products are composted and used by local gardeners.

  • Being centrally located, our carbon foot print for shipping is much lower than from the PNW, especially within the Southwest.

  • We recycle!

a greener tomorrow

"I just used what [Chinook] I had in a west coast DIPA for one year anniversary, and I’m pumped about how it turned out. Good stuff."

- Michael Johnson, Head Brewer,                             Brass Brewing

Here's what

the brewers say

 "I am really lucky to be working with such nice and attentive folks as you!"

"Just sampled the IPA that I dry hopped with your C hops. Amazing aroma!!!! Like slicing into a grapefruit.  I"ll be ordering more real soon!"


- Bob Haggerty, Head Brewer,

                                     Steel Bender Brewyard

"Great quality local hops. Always a pleasure to work with!"


- Colan Simpson, Odd 13 Brewing

"Loaded up with a few hop varietals that really stood out to us this past year. The  main one being Cascade from @billygoathopfarm, in Montrose CO.  This Colorado grown Cascade features a ton of deep ruby red grapefruit, nice stuff!"


                                    - @wrenhousebrewing


Colorado Public Radio article on the downfalls of Coronavirus aid.

Porch Drinking discussed hop terrior and different farms around the country.

The Colorado Sun looked at hop terroir when Comrade Brewing did a side-by-side.

in the news

Mac Crawford, Head Brewer, 

Sedona Beer Co.

We love working with Billy Goat for two reasons; first their values of craft, sustainability, and quality align with ours and they're refreshingly not an international mega-merchant. Second, they're helping bring terroir back to beer; unique varieties and some more staid varieties that have exciting depths that take them to the next level. These are, in fact, the hops you've been looking for.

One of the main reasons we started a hop farm was because we love the craft brewing industry.  The beer drew us in, but the people are what made us want to join.  It's not just customer service, but a relationship where we enjoy working together and turn problems into solutions.  Question? Contract issue? Special request? Just ask the person that grows, processes, and ships your hops.  Because we like good people and good beer too. 



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