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  • Chinook - 11# bags

  • Nugget - 11# bags

  • Crystal - 11# bags

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New varieties for 2019


Bittering Hop


Profile: Spicy, Tropical/Fruit

Alpha Acid:  12%-15.5%

Beta Acid:  5.5%-8%

Co-Humulone:  23%-28%

Total Oil:  2.0-3.0 mL/100g

Substitutes:  Horizon, Northern Brewer


"Citra's Little Sister"


Profile: Pungent/Dank, Tropical/Fruit, Citrus

Alpha Acid:  5.1%-10.5%

Beta Acid:  3%-6.1%

Co-Humulone:  34%-45%

Total Oil:  1.2-3.3 mL/100g

Substitutes:  Citra, Galena, Cashmere


Dual Purpose


Profile: Citrus,Herbal/Earthy

Alpha Acid:  14.5%-16.5%

Beta Acid:  4%-5%

Co-Humulone:  28%-32%

Total Oil:  2.0-3.0 mL/100g

Substitutes:  Zues, Chinook, Northern Brewer, Nugget,             Target, Warrior




Profile:  Floral, Sweet Fruit,     Citrus

Alpha Acid:  3.5%-5.5%

Beta Acid:  5.5%-8%

Co-Humulone:  45%

Total Oil:  0.5%-1.5%


Indigenous to New Mexico


Willow Creek



Profile:  Lemon

Still in trials

Indigenous to Colorado


Dual Purpose


Profile:  Stone Fruit,             Tropical, Spicy

Alpha Acid:  6.9%-10.1%

Beta Acid:  3.5%-7.1%

Co-Humulone:  22%-24%

Total Oil:  0.5-1.8 mL/100g

Substitutes:  Amarillo, Cascade



Profile:  Lemon

Alpha Acid: 7%-9%

Beta Acid:  3%-3.3%

Indigenous to New Mexico

Neo 1

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"Our hops are the G.O.A.T."

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