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2023  Synopsis 

- Alpha Acid :  8.55%
- Beta Acid :  5.74%
- Total Oil :  0.94mL/100g

- Cohumulone: 24.3%
- HSI : 0.343


Flavor / Aroma profile

Delicate yet strong aromas oflemon, line, melon, and peach; smooth bitterness



No great substitute.


Best used for:

Saison, Pale Ales & IPA's, Wild Ales, Amercian Blonde, and American Amber.


Discount pricing for annual orders starting at 300lbs - mixed varieties and continue to get the discount throughout the year on new orders.  Contact us for details.  Includes free cold storage until August 1, 2024  and no upfront costs! 

Cashmere Idaho

$132.00 Regular Price
$110.00Sale Price
1 Pound
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