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2023  Synopsis 

- Alpha Acid :  14.05%
- Beta Acid :  4.41%
- Total Oil :  1.38mL/100g

- Cohumulone: 18.5%
- HSI : 0.333


Flavor / Aroma profile

Efficient Clean Bittering, Stone Fruit, Peppery, Floral



Northern Brewer, Horizon, Columbus, Northdown


Best used for:

All Styles, especially American Pale Ale, American India Pale Ale, Strong Ale, American Lager


Discount pricing for annual orders starting at 300lbs - mixed varieties and continue to get the discount throughout the year on new orders.  Contact us for details.  Includes free cold storage until August 1, 2024  and no upfront costs! 


$143.00 Regular Price
$110.00Sale Price
1 Pound
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