Billy goat hop farm

Amazing quality is the natural outcome of being truly committed to a genuine craft, and that’s what we’ve created.  At 32 acres, we're small enough to have control over every step, ensuring excellence, and yet we are the largest hop farm in the Southwest, allowing us to have competitive prices.  We are your source for amazing hops, from people who actually care, at a price that even the pencil pushers will like.

Amazing Quality.     


Genuinely Crafted.   


     truly committed.     

Billy Goat Hop Farm is a family owned and operated farm - Chris, Audrey and Gumbo Ya Ya, are putting their lives into every aspect of the farm.  The commitment runs from growing and producing top shelf hops in a sustainable way, to providing superior customer service with a farmer to brewer relationship unprecedented in the Southwest.   We’re in this for the long haul with consistent quality and service now, and until your grand kids order from us. 

We’re bringing the craft back into hops.  The definition of craft is “an activity that involves making things skillfully by hand, often in a traditional way.”  Our hands are dirty every step of the way - every new shoot, every cone, every moisture reading, every pellet, we’re there with care and honesty creating an authentic product that you and your customers will appreciate. 

Know your Farmer.  Love your Beer.