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Billy Goat Hop Farm

Billy goat hop farm

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We love working with Billy Goat for two reasons; first their values of craft, sustainability, and quality align with ours and they're refreshingly not an international mega-merchant. Second, they're helping bring terroir back to beer; unique varieties and some more staid varieties that have exciting depths that take them to the next level. These are, in fact, the hops you've been looking for."

- Mac Crawford, Sedona Beer Co.

2024 Cascade Cup Award

2024 & 2023 Cascade Cup Champions

This year marks the first time a farm has ever won this prestigious award in back-to-back years! 

Last year, we were the first farm to win outside of Washington or Oregon. A huge cheers to the Hop Quality Group for all of the work they do and for putting on such a professional competition. 

It's time for craft hops
in craft beer

expanded varieties to expand your success

We have teamed up with a few select growers from around the country to provide you with craft hop varieties for every brewing style. After personally selecting the bales of dried hops, we pelletize and package them in-house to ensure that they are handled and processed with the same high standards as our Colorado hops are grown.   

Billy Goat has always been a vertically integrated hop farm, a model that guarantees superior quality at every stage and a more streamlined operation. This translates to reduced costs, lower carbon emissions, and faster delivery times. This year, we're excited to introduce hops from other farms that share our passion for cultivating top-notch hops. We aim to provide you, craft brewers, with an expanded selection of high-quality hops right here in the Southwest to elevate your home and craft brewing experience. 

Our new favorites

Idaho 7 hops

Idaho 7®

Cashmere Hops


Centenial Hops


El Dorado Hops

El Dorado®

Hops in the Sunshine

ensuring you have what you need, when you need it

Annual Orders & Contract Perks:

Hops Vector

As Fresh As It Gets

As a small family-owned farm, we have control over every aspect of our process, which allows us to get hops straight off the bine, pelletized, and packaged in a matter of weeks. By Halloween, you'll be brewing with a new crop that pops with fresh brightness!

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It's All About The Relationship

If you have any questions about a variety, order, shipping, you name it! Just call, and you'll talk to us— the people who grew, processed, and shipped your hops. We want to create delicious beer just as much as
you do.

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The Bottomline

At the end of the day, money talks. Not only will you get a deal on your contracted hops, but any other hops you purchase that crop year will also be discounted. Discounts start at only 300 lbs of any mix of varieties, and there are no upfront costs— you only pay when you receive hops.

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Free Cold Storage

No storage, no problem. Let us take care of the cold storage. We'll store your hops at our facility until August 1 of the following year for free.

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No Minimums

As a small business ourselves, we understand the need to maximize your buying power, so we have eliminated minimums. Whether it's 11 pounds or 11,000, we're here for you and your craft brewing operation.

billy goat made beers

check out these and more

Bllod Orange Kosch
Land Speed Louise Lager
Compa Los Ranchos Lager
Postman's Pale Ale
Colorado Trail Nut Brown Ale

Amazing Quality.     
Genuinely Crafted.   
truly committed.     

Amazing quality is the natural outcome of being genuinely committed to a time-honored craft, and that’s what we are. At 32 acres, our Colorado hop farm is small enough to ensure that we have complete control over every step. Yet, as the largest hop farm in the Southwest, and understanding that you’re running a business too, we offer competitive prices. Billy Goat Hop Farm is your source for high-quality hops from people invested in the craft at a price even the pencil pushers will like.

The definition of craft is “an activity that involves making things skillfully by hand, often in a traditional way.”  We’re invested in bringing the craft back to hop growing. We have our hands in every step of the process—every new shoot, every cone, every moisture reading, every pellet. When you buy our hops, we’re there with transparency, care, and honesty, creating an authentic product you and your customers will appreciate. 

Billy Goat Hop Farm is a family-owned and operated Colorado hop farm. We are Chris, Audrey, Étoufée, and Mr. Grits, and we put our hearts into every aspect of the farm. Our commitment ranges from growing and producing top-notch hops in a sustainable way to providing superior customer service with a farmer-to-brewer relationship unprecedented in the Southwest. We’re in this for the long haul, with consistent quality and service that starts with your first order and lasts until your grandkids order from us.

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