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You always pick your lot when you pick Billy Goat.

Whether you’re a larger brewery used to hop selection or you’ve never seen a hop yard, with Billy Goat Hop Farm you get the same high quality lot every time. From a sample bag in October to a 2,000 lb summer order— you will get a consistent product. The alpha acids, oils, terpenes, pellet quality, and HSI will be the same in every bag.

When you order on spot or contract from the big guys, your aromas, pellet quality, HSI, and acid, oil, and terpene levels vary with every bag. You’ve experienced it. When a company’s farms are thousands of acres with multiple farmers, across diverse growing zones, and processing in varying timelines, it’s only reasonable that there will be differences from bag to bag. There’s no guarantee of the product other than the variety. Even if you’re doing hop selection, there’s potential for variations in processing at that scale.

This also means that every pellet from us that you put into your brew has fewer chemicals added and is leaving a smaller footprint than the corporate folks. When a fungicide is sprayed every seven days, like many PNW farmers do, some of that is bound to end up in your final product. The decrease in carbon emissions by cutting out thousands of miles of transport alone is a real change. Check out our recent article highlighting our sustainable practices.

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