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Hoppy Valentine’s Day from Billy Goat Hop Farm

Updated: May 10

We’re having a love affair with local hops over here, and we are deeply committed to providing the most sustainable TLC for our crops. Billy Goat Hop Farm’s mission is to provide top quality hops directly to brewers, while supporting our local community and using practices to create a greener tomorrow.


Audrey here. As Valentine's Day approaches, I find a secret excitement that our hop plants are dormant for the winter. The unspoken truth about being in love with a hop farmer is that you have to accept the fact that there are mistresses, and not just one or two— but thousands. From water to protection, these ladies need lots of love. Now, I have my own relationship with the girls, but it will never be what Chris has with them. So, I swallow my pride, and anxiously wait for the few winter months where I get to be the only lady in my loving hop farmer’s eyes!

It truly is incredible watching Chris work with the plants. He walks through the rows seeing things that most wouldn’t—a slight change in color, flowering buds starting to emerge, or unwanted invaders. Always researching and learning, he takes the time to make the best decision for the hop plant. I’ve come to realize that his attention to detail comes from a place of love. He genuinely enjoys working with hops, from the incredible aesthetics of the plant— an 18 foot tall jungle ranging from emerald green to light pea green of leaves, cones, and bines— to the nerdy science of fertigation and terpenes. Sometimes I think he can talk to the hops better than to humans!

On the other hand, I enjoy walking through the field chatting with friends with a nice beer in hand. My father started taking me to breweries at a young age, and I’ve loved the craft beer community since. Bringing families, friends, and even pets together laughing over a pint is a true, simple joy in life. My admiration for the industry has only grown since we joined it. Getting to know the brewers behind the beer has been incredible. Each one has their own story, their own methodology, and own love for this community. Oddities and eccentricities are not only accepted, but embraced. The beer becomes the glue that holds it all together. I’m proud to be a part of such a caring and fun group of people creating delicious craft beer!

Although our joys come in different ways, Chris and I are in a love affair with growing hops for craft brewers.

Won’t you be our Valentine?!

Hop Farmers

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